Life is sweet '“ and savoury '“ at TAMU

Peterborough's original dessert lounge '“ TAMU '“has bowed to customer demand and introduced some savoury offerings.

Monday, 30th January 2017, 6:27 am
TAMU in Cowgate, Peterborough

Savoury crepes and waffles were a popular choice when Salim Rehmatullah’s first venture opened in Broadway three years ago.

But, when the new, bigger lounge opened in Cowgate in spring last year, it was sweets only... until now.

A successful launch event last Tuesday was followed by the menu going public on Wednesday, and Salim is pleased with the response.

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TAMU's Beef philadelphia waffle

“It is all down to customer demand,” he said. “People have been writing to us since the Cowgate lounge opened asking if we could bring back the savoury crepes and waffles.

“We have reacted by bringing back, for now, the four most popular and on Wenesday they went down very well and we are the only ones doing it in Peterborough.”

Currently there is a choice of creamy spinach chicken, chicken tikka, beef Philadelphia and mixed bean.

“We decided against having a full savoury menu all year round and will change things regularly throughout the year.

TAMU's creamy spinach crepe

“We are still mainly a sweets business and that selection will remain extensive.

“But when you get a group of 10, say, there is always one who is going to want something savoury particularly at this time of year.

“And we have already found that the people ordering a savoury often follow it up with a dessert too.”

TAMU's Beef philadelphia waffle
TAMU's creamy spinach crepe