A fresh take on the Civil War comes to a Peterborough theatre

A fresh look at the English Civil War
A fresh look at the English Civil War

Theatre goers in Peterborough are being given a unique opportunity to see two new plays.

The brand-new scripts are both inspired by The English Civil War and will be performed at the Key Theatre Studio. These hour-long, ‘work-in-progress’ events on September 4th and 11th will be free to attend and will include a chance for audiences to comment on the work and talk to the actors and writers.

The first play, The English Civil Whore, is produced by local actress Henri Merriam and her company, Play Nicely Theatre and is based on accounts of women fighting on the frontline of the conflict.

The second, by playwright Mark Finbow, is a look at the various attempted assassinations of Oliver Cromwell.

Both projects are co-produced by Norfolk-based theatre company The Keeper’s Daughter, funded by Arts Council England and supported by Vivacity, Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company, The Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft and created with support from The Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon.

The English Civil Whore will tie the battle of Naseby to the assassination of Thomas Rainsborough in a fictional tale of intrigue. The play will feature sword fighting, original music and physical theatre.

Producer Henri Merriam says:“Recently published accounts of women who fought on the front line of the Civil War and those who acted as informants made us consider what other stories we weren’t hearing from this time and how we could bring them to light. These women were challenging convention and I hope that’s what our show will do.”

The Numerous and Varied Assassinations of Oliver Cromwell will look at the accounts of several assassination attempts upon Oliver Cromwell’s life by a small group of radicals funded by Suffolk born former Cromwell supporter Edward Sexby.

Writer Mark Finbow says: “Theatre about the civil war largely seems to deal with the witch hunts or Charles’ trial and execution. We will look at some lesser known stories and hopefully shine a fresh light on some of the political philosophies and religious divisions that still echo throughout society today.”

For more details on how to book your free ticket to the events, follow The Keeper’s Daughter on Facebook or go to https://vivacity.org/vivacity-venues/the-key-theatre/