Review : I Heart Peterborough - Peterborough Key Theatre

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IT was the first rehearsed reading I’ve been invited to but the lack of set didn’t detract from an engaging storyline.

With a slightly misleading title (it’s about a pair of scrounging drug addicts) the Eastern Angles production is in its very infancy.

Writer Joel Horwood aims to take it to next year’s Edinburgh Festival and these two script in hand performances provided a chance for him, and director Michael Longhurst, to gauge audience reaction.

It’s at opposite ends of the spectrum to my last visit to the Key (the cherubic Gang show) and is not written for children. Swearing and drug use feature heavily throughout, but it’s a dark comedy with many amusingly dry lines.

Parts remind me of the Danny Boyle films Shallow Graves and Trainspotting, as the two friends bumble their way through from dusk to dawn trying to grab their next fix.

It centres around Gary (Alex Beckett) and Tiger (Joseph Arkley) as they deal with death of a friend and their unending disillusionment with the city they live in.

Yes, they’re junkies, but they prove to have a heart. Their botch job at scattering their mate’s ashes end in continuing frustration, but they meant well.

The script is backed by music from guitarist Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams from BBC’s Doctor Who) who loops comforting sounds while strumming a backing line. It has Vampire Weekend’s African feel to it at times.

I look forward to seeing it again when complete. You should too.