Cathy Tyson stars in tale of mother and daughter reunion

Cathy Tyson in She Called Me Mother
Cathy Tyson in She Called Me Mother
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When she gon come? I lookin at de people dem but I can’t see her. She a pretty lookin ting, she does stan’ out amongst these faces dripped in dissatisfaction…

Evangeline is waiting; she has been waiting a long time. She waits for the Black Swan to glide through the station and show her a little warmth and kindness.

She waits for a ticket home to Trinidad, the sun, the mango trees, and the street vendors selling curry. She waits for Shirley the daughter she let walk away all those years ago.

“I try not to tink about she too much, ‘cause de pain dem thoughts bring it like a herd of buffalo runnin wild in a field, an I beneath dem foot.”

Will her daughter ever return to her and can Shirley ever forgive the Mother that let her go?

She Called Me Mother, which comes to the Key Theatre on October 22 and 23, stars BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated Cathy Tyson as Evangeline Gardner – a homeless, 70-year-old Afro-Caribbean woman, who finds herself living on the streets.

The play brings together Evangeline and her estranged daughter Shirley and is written in poetic Trinidadian vernacular.

It is the debut show from Pitch Lake Productions, founded by Cathy, writer Michelle Inniss and director Cara Nolan and will be the second show to tour for the Black Theatre Live consortium, dedicated to bringing inventive BAME theatre to venues across the country.

Cathy, best known for her stage work with the RSC, the Liverpool Everyman and on film in Mona Lisa (1986) starring alongside Bob Hoskins. said: “New plays are exciting as they offer the creative team the freedom to try out new ideas.

“The language in She Called Me Mother is in the Trinidadian vernacular and there are two BAME (black, asian, minority ethnic) female leads. We hope that these features of the play help to fire the imagination of audiences.

“We are a BAME led theatre company but our themes are universal. So please feel free to enter into the characters of Evangeline and Shirley whatever your background is. We’re very pleased to be sharing their story with you.”

Michelle Inniss said “I am really excited by the prospect of Evangeline and Shirley’s stories being brought to life on stage and that the audience will be able to share in the telling of their stories.”