Theatre and Comedy

Theatre & Comedy
Chiara Todisco, 13, and mum Estella

Mum and daughter share stage

There have been many mother-daughter combinations in Hollywood block-busters. For example, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.

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Tales From The Trees

What’s on at the theatre this week

Trees are awesome! They enchant us with their mystery and beauty, they provide us with food, fuel and wood, they produce oxygen for us to breathe and they inspire stories, myths and legends (Tales From The Trees, Key Theatre Studio, June 3)

Theatre and Comedy

Who likes to be beside the sea?

It is 1966. I am sixteen years old and I am on the Venetian bridge with Brian Joy from the Golden Sands Guesthouse and he has bought me a 99 and I am on top of the world. Now I am 16, I know what boys want and why you mustn’t give it to them......

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