The Apprentice candidates: Reviewed by Peterborough’s former winner

This year's Apprentice hopefuls are off to a mixed start ' Photo: BBC
This year's Apprentice hopefuls are off to a mixed start ' Photo: BBC
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The Apprentice can be a life-changing experience, as Peterborough’s Joseph Valente – who won the show in 2015 – knows all too well.

That said, not everyone will impress Lord Sugar and the viewing public.

Poor Danny (Photo: BBC)

Poor Danny (Photo: BBC)

Here, Joseph, whose business Impragas impressed Lord Sugar two years ago gives his view on the new series’ crop of business hopefuls following the lively opening episode.

So. The Apprentice is back. It’s an exciting time, and one that always fills me with adrenaline. I’m a huge fan of The Apprentice and have been since series one. Winning was a dream. The first task is always extremely tough for the candidates. I feel particularly sorry for the project managers who put themselves up first.

The good:

Andrew is inspired by his grandad and not afraid to work hard – which is key to being successful in business. He will do well.

Photo: BBC

Photo: BBC

I heard a lot of noise from the ladies but I felt Anisa did talk some sense.

I believe Harrison can sell his way to the final five, while James has huge potential. I can see him going far – he’s smart and charismatic.

Jade is emotionally intelligent, young and has great potential in this process.

I like Michaela. She’s an individual that isn’t afraid to show what she’s about. I can see both Sarahs making the final.

It could be an all-women’s head to head – which we haven’t seen since 2013 with Leah and Louisa. Siobhan has great ambition too, and even though she had a few clashes ultimately she did very well.

The bad:

Bushra: being pushy in business does help you get what you want, but it can come across the wrong way. Be careful.

Elizabeth is the mature one of the bunch, but along with words you need action not just noise.

Elliott is too quiet. I’m afraid the process will destroy him.

Can Jeff dance his way to the finish line after Wednesday night’s performance? I think not.

Respect to Danny for putting himself forward, but he didn’t deliver and if you can’t deliver, YOU’RE FIRED!

Charles will be gone by episode six.

Room for improvement:

Joanna did okay but I’m not sure she can win.

Although Ross got stuck in, I can’t see him going far.

As for Sajan, I don’t know what to make of you at present – I’m keeping a close eye on what you do next.