Star Trek fan Charlotte’s role in new Klingon language CD

Charlotte Kebbell in costume as Klingon female Fleet Captain Kehlan, with Jonathan Brown who worked on the CD-ROM with her. Picture supplied
Charlotte Kebbell in costume as Klingon female Fleet Captain Kehlan, with Jonathan Brown who worked on the CD-ROM with her. Picture supplied
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A Star Trek fan will boldly go where no one has gone before when she teaches earthlings how to speak 21st century Klingon.

Charlotte Kebbell feels like Scotty has well and truly beamed her up after landing a role on a new CD-ROM teaching the language of Star Trek’s feared warrior race.

The Talk Now! Learn Klingon CD-ROM, launched today by London-based EuroTalk, gives followers of the sci-fi series the chance to learn new 21st century “earth” words in Klingon for the first time.

Mrs Kebbell (39), from West Pinchbeck, near Spalding, said: “It’s teaching people the vocabulary a Klingon would use doing everyday things, such as shopping in the middle of Peterborough or going swimming.

“There’s words like ‘teddy bear’ which would be a real culture shock for Klingons.

“Part of the problem doing the voiceovers for the CD was trying not to laugh too much, as you just couldn’t imagine a Klingon with a teddy bear.”

Mrs Kebbell, who has been a Star Trek fan for as long as she can remember, was approached to take part in the project last year.

She runs Star Trek club, Starbase 24, with her husband James and one of the club’s committee members is UK Klingon translator Jonathan Brown, from Milton Keynes.

While she does not speak fluent Klingon herself, she knows some basic phrases and could pick up all the new words spoken by Jonathan.

She said: “Jonathan was involved with translating the CD and he needed a Klingon female.

“There’s not many of us around though. There’s only about four of us who speak Klingon and have decent costumes.

“Jonathan asked if I’d be willing to help and I thought it would be really interesting.”

Mrs Kebbell, who works as a technical administrator for Univeg fruit importer in Spalding, did her first recording at a studio in London last year.

She said: “I remember it was hot day as we had to do it in full costume and there was trouble getting the Klingon make-up to stick.”

She then forgot about it as she didn’t hear anything from the producers, until a few weeks ago when she was asked to return to London to record some more words.

She said: “It’s all moved pretty quickly since then as the CD-ROM is now being released.

“It was a completely new experience for me and really interesting. I learned a lot about what goes on in a recording studio.”

Mrs Kebbell said her fellow Trekkie husband was “very proud” of what she’d done.

The couple got married 11 years ago after meeting through a shared love of the sci-fi series.

Mr Kebbell was running a Sunday market stall in Peterborough when he sold his wife-to-be a picture of the Klingon Worf.

The couple have been running Starbase 24 together for around eight years, with its main aim being to organise Star Trek events to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Their next event is a two-day banquet at the Park Inn in Northampton on Friday, October 7, and Saturday, October 8.

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Klingon language (or Tlhingon Hol)

Brush up your knowledge of the Klingon language with these words and phrases:

- NuqneH – Hello, what do you want?

- Qapla’ – Success.

- Qa Tlho’ – I thank you.

- MajQa’ – Well done.

- Hab SoSlI’ Quch – Your mother has a smooth forehead (a powerful Klingon insult).

- GhIj qet jaghmeyjaj – May your enemies run from you with fear.

- NuqDaq ‘oH puchpa’ ‘e’ – Where is the bathroom?.

- Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam – Today is a good day to die.