Review: How The Koala Learnt To Hug (Stamford Arts Centre)

How The Koala Learnt To Hug
How The Koala Learnt To Hug
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Sixty interactive fun-filled minutes of audience participation answered a simple question at Stamford Arts Centre on Saturday - How The Koala Learnt To Hug.

Author and performer Steven Lee’s charming hour-long show used a cute, if grumpy, little bear from Down Under to deliver a message about the magic of family amd the importance of a nice warm hug.

The show is based on the title story from Steven’s How The Koala Learnt To Hug and Other Australian Fairytales.

It is nicely paced, witty and really engaging for a family audience - and is littered with songs that the young and old can sing, clap and shout along to, as well as act out some simple hug-based routines.

Unable to get a hug from his daughter Natasha (a puppet witch) Steven introduces the audience to Karen the Koala, who is very grumpy - cue some great, loud chanting interaction - who instructs the Reggae Beavers to chop down all the trees until there is just one left.

Annoyed by the wailing and crying of the remaining tree, Karen climbs it as only a koala can - by hugging - and discovers both she and the tree feel better.

More singing and merriment from the youngsters in the audience and Steven gets a great big hug from his daughter after all.

Don’t you just love a happy ending... well this audience did.