Restaurant review: Something to Shoh for their huge investment

Brad Barnes dines at Ba Shoh in Broadway, Peterborough
Brad Barnes dines at Ba Shoh in Broadway, Peterborough
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When a £2million luxury restaurant opens in Peterborough city centre it is hardly surprising expectations are high regards the look, the food and the service.

So almost three months on after opening its doors in Broadway, how is Ba Shoh, the stunning looking a-la-carte Indian restaurant shaping up?

Brad Barnes dines at Ba Shoh in Broadway, Peterborough

Brad Barnes dines at Ba Shoh in Broadway, Peterborough

Well as far as the look and food are concerned, I would imagine there have been few - if any - complaints. The service . . let’s just say the management are aware of the shortcomings and are addressing issues.

It was my second lunch there in a matter of weeks on Monday, and being pretty quiet in the dining area, I expected service to be faultless, which it was. That said, given that the catering manager said hello on the way in and one of the owners took my order, I never doubted it would be anything but.

The huge investment in the building, and the similarly expensive four month transformation of what used to be Imperial Bento, have given the city a beautiful dining venue.

Great, stylish decor, comfortable seating, classy crockery and cutlery to match anywhere in Peterborough.

Brad Barnes dines at Ba Shoh in Broadway, Peterborough

Brad Barnes dines at Ba Shoh in Broadway, Peterborough

The menu has the old classics you would expect- the sauces everyone knows - but a few starters caught the eye by being different. Royal hara chicken, with a pear and coconut chutney; tandoori chaamp - lamb chops marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices; kurkuri fish - crispy fried in spicy batter; and my choice, saloni masala fish - grilled cod fillets in what the menu describes an “exotic marinated masala” (£5.25)

For me, while the fish was nicely cooked, soft and flaky with a little crispness here and there, the marinade, rub, coating, call it what you like, was too fierce. My lips were tingling from the first bite, of a large portion for a starter, to long after I had taken the last.

The dips were spicy but tasty, I did enjoy the tomato-based sauce on the side and the little salad did provide some respite for my lips (as did the bottle of Cobra).

My main course, the curiously named railway lamb curry (£8.95), was a proper treat, served in a little clay pot.

Ba Shoh in Broadway, Peterborough

Ba Shoh in Broadway, Peterborough

Spicy hot, and a little sweet, but not so as to mask the flavours - with little green chilli slices and coriander coming to the fore. The lamb too, cooked on the bone, was soft and juicy and retained its flavour.

A plain, basmati rice (£2.75) was just the right accompaniment.

Good sized portions and reasonably priced.


VENUE: Ba Shoh, 42 Broadway, Peterborough city centre, Tel: 01733 344144 Online:




Tender minced lamb with herbs, spices, fresh coriander and green chillies in our unique combination cooked over charcoal: £4.95


King Prawns marinated with herbs, spices and yoghurt. Served with crispy okra and coconut chutney: £7.25



Baby rack of lamb marinated in fresh ginger paste and spices. Served in onions and crispy potatoes with mint sauce: £9.95


Lamb or chicken prepared in classic mogul style with aromatic rice, steamed in clay pot. Layered mixed vegetable biryani in classic style, steamed in clay pot: £9.95


Another Ba Shoh signature. Slow cooked lamb shank in a mince gravy with ginger, masala spices and a hint of red wine. Served on a bed of steamed basmati rice: £12.95

Set lunch

A starter, curry, side dish and naan or rice for £10.95 (available Monday to Saturday)