Peterborough actor to hit the small screen in gripping drama

Shirley Skervin of Bretton whose son Omar has got his first appearance on US TV ENGEMN00120130618163200
Shirley Skervin of Bretton whose son Omar has got his first appearance on US TV ENGEMN00120130618163200
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Sunday noon: A Peterborough actor will make his small screen debut on British TV sets when an American series is broadcast for the first time in England.

Omar Skervin will play a leading role in drama Siberia when it is shown on TV channel Pick on Sunday, February 22.

The 30-year-old, originally from Watergall in Bretton, filmed the series three years ago, and it has already been a hit in America, Denmark and France.

Mr Skervin, who is currently living in Berlin, Germany said: “It is very exciting that it is coming onto British screens.

“It has been really well received in America, France and Denmark, so I am sure it will do well here.”

The series tells the story of a group of contestants in a reality TV series. The group are left to survive in Siberia, with the winner receiving $500,000.

Omar said:” I am one of the main characters. It begins looking like a normal reality TV series, but by the fourth episode it turns into something supernatural. It will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout.

“The intensity just keeps going up and up throughout the series.

“I have just been to the premier in France, and it was really interesting - although when I saw the series with my character having a French voice over I found it difficult not to laugh, or to take it seriously.

Omar was living in Los Angeles throughout the filming of the series, but having taken a break from acting, he is now looking for a return.

He said:” We are in negotiations for a second series, and it is something I would like to be involved with.

“It was really enjoyable to make the series, and it has received some good reviews.”

To make the grade as an actor, the former Walton School pupil worked as a waiter in America, and also relied on a bank loan taken out by mum Shirley to ensure his dream was kept alive.

The 11 part series will be broadcast on Pick TV, with the first episode being shown at 9pm on Sunday, February 22.