Not often you can put your head up a 30ft pig’s udder

PIG - on tour
PIG - on tour
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What is pink, inflatable, about 30feet long and coming to Peterborough?

It is Gloria the Pig, the famed inflatable theatre installation that is being brought to Peterborough Arts Festival which starts on September 4 by the Whalley Range All Stars .

The 9m long sleeping sow, known to friends as ‘Gloria,’ will provide 10 minute immersive shows over the festival weekend to privileged audience members throughout the festival weekend.

The catch? Access to shows is through ten strategically placed udder-holes and audience members are encouraged to don ‘pig-tails’ for the event.

But do not fear! An instructive farmer will be on hand to guide you and your friends through this most memorable experience!

It has not only been a hit with children and adults across the UK but Gloria has garnered a following in 
far corners of the globe such 
as Taiwan, Belgium and Ireland.

Anticipation for Gloria’s arrival has been gathering pace and regional poets have paid homage to the beast with odes and verses.

A Whalley Range All Star’s spokesman also offered some delightful stories about touring with the pig.

“People react to the show in pretty much the same way all over the world.

“In Taiwan they built a bamboo temple for the pig to lie in, in Spain a group of 100 people watched us put the show up as if it was a show, in France the audience can be very educated about street theatre and treat it the same as an indoor show…

“In Hungary they presented the show as part of a contemporary dance festival,and in rural Primary Schools near Hastings we got up very early so that the children would arrive in the morning to find a giant pig asleep in their tiny school hall.”