Album of the week: Let’s Hear If For The Dogs - The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers
The Proclaimers
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Scottish twins Craig and Charlie Reid, better known as The Proclaimers have one of the best images in pop music – and that is no image at all.

Andthey have become one of Britain’s best loved bands with an enviable global pull.

Their success, of course, is down to the quality of their songs that exist at the point where pop, folk and punk collide. It has earned them an army of fans including a host of celebreties among them actor David Tennant who said of The Proclaimers: “My favourite band of all time.They write the most spectacular songs, big hearted, uncynical passionate songs.’’

Their new album was produced by Dave Eringa who said: “ I knew when I produced The Proclaimers that the songs would be great but even then I was shocked by the sheer quality both lyrically and musically of the material and the breadth of styles they covered.’’

It is the brothers’ 10th studio album and in truth they don’t stray far (they never have) from their tried and trusted formula, indeed they should patent their sing-along-a-Scotland style.

The brothers have a gift for songwriting and an ability to pen anthems full of charm, even when at times lyrically they cut like a surgeon’s scalpel .

Highlights include the rousing opening track You Built Me Up, the thought-provoking What School? and the Celtic rush of Tuesday Afternoon.

There’s nothing here to rival their classic I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) but there’s plenty to enjoy. 8/10