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The Wildcats
The Wildcats
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Students from Wildcats Theatre School and Post 16 Academy in Stamford will be performing on Saturday and Sunday at The Cresset in Peterborough as part of a two-day showcase of children’s achievements across the school.

The students, which include children from the part- time theatre school as well as the full time academy will be performing a variety of musical theatre pieces - all with a live band.

The show is themed around the title ‘Let it Be’ and the concept was conceived by full time Year 2 student Lauren Woodward.

Lauren said: “When thinking about the show, I realised there was a running theme every year for our show. We tend to choose a theme of music that sums up and best represents Wildcats, we choose themes that show music as inspiration, excitement, energy and unity.

“After thinking of these different aspects there was only one band which came to mind, The Beatles.

“Their music incorporates all these things and is also suitable for every age. It is the definition of classic as their music not only represents a decade, but an era of music which gave freedom and hope to people as we do to the children at Wildcats, showing them that they can do anything they want to do and be anything they want to be.”

The show contains performances from all of the children who attend the part time school.

“Each week for the past term they have been working on perfecting their individual class pieces, as well as larger group numbers.

The Post 16 Academy have also been working on their medleys from shows including Mary Poppins and A Chorus Line.

West End Wildcats will also be performing alongside Gymcats and the Wildcats Stars (for children with additional needs). Students have also learnt skills required for being part of a show - costume, choreography, stage directions and even how to bow to the audience.

The show includes classic Beatles’ songs including ‘Let it Be’, ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Yellow Submarine’ and gives students from age 4 up the chance to perform to a sell out crowd.

Caz Dolby, of Wildcats, said ‘The show is the chance for students to come together and perform as one cast. With the older students supporting the younger ones it is a great way to show parents and the public the ‘Wildcats Family’ ethos. The show has been put together behind the scenes by a fabulous team.”

For tickets visit visit 
www.cresset.co.uk or 01733 265705.