Lack of Peterborough comedians is no laughing matter for The Met

Ryan Kemp performing at The Met open mic night
Ryan Kemp performing at The Met open mic night
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Organisers of Peterborough’s newest weekly Open Mic night have launched an impassioned plea to any local aspiring comedians to ‘come and tell us a joke on Wednesday nights!’

The Met Lounge started its weekly ‘One Mic Stand’ session last night (Wednesday) and the extensive advertising for the night made it clear that it was open to musicians, stand up comedians and the spoken word.

Registrations opened up at 7.30pm and by 8pm every 15 minute slot was musicians.

‘’When Alex Waller, the compere, came over to me and said that every slot was full with musicians I asked him to keep a couple more slots open in case a couple of stand up guys turned up later but to no avail,” said club owner Steve Jason. “Whilst I understand that the ‘spoken word/poetry is a little more specialist’ then considering how well The Cresset has done with the big comedy shows it promotes then I really would have thought that there would be a stream of local comedians who would want the chance to perfect their routine in an environment made for stand up comedy.

“We did some research with established comedy clubs across the UK and found that most clubs give new comedians a 15 minute slot as it’s about the right length time wise for a new person on stage. Maybe the comedians in the town didn’t see us advertising the night – but the musicians certainly did!”

“Maybe the local comedians are all Arsenal fans so watching their team getting thrashed by Bayern Munich on TV was a bigger attraction – mind you, I’m sure they could have made a few jokes on the back of their performance.”

The open mic nights run every Wednesday at The Met in Bridge Street, Peterborough, from 7.30pm until midnight. All performers are welcome – for more details please email or facebook met lounge or via twitter @metpeterborough