Festival of fun and laughter returns to Peterborough this weekend

Peterborough Arts Festival
Peterborough Arts Festival
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Peterborough city centre is to become a playground for the weekend as the Peterborough Arts festival returns.

The combined arts outdoor production will bring together the visual arts and performing arts, starting tomorrow with the Hunt and Darton pop-up cafe serving from 10am and in the evening the spectacular Enchanted City illumination of the city centre and two dance performances by the Trash Dollys.

Peterborough Arts Festival

Peterborough Arts Festival

There are performances from 10am on Saturday in and around Cathedral Square, and as a grand finale Peterborough Sings! welcomes the 60-piece Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to the Broadway Theatre for Classical Spectacular.

Here is a run down of who to look out for - full timings here.

No Fit State Circus

An immersive, ever-evolving large-scale circus installation where anything can happen and everything becomes an excuse for performance and spectacle. Flowing through the streets and setting up in the city centre, unfolding deckchairs, flags, umbrellas and unveiling specialist circus structures. There is no big top, but a colony of musicians, acrobats and aerialists exploding out of caravans - a joyous menagerie of circus chaos, bringing the centre to life.

Magnetic Events

Peterborough Enchanted City will see the city centre illuminated and transformed into a kaleidoscope of light on Friday and Saturday night. The multimedia spectacular of light and sound sculptures will transform historical buildings such as the Guildhall into temporary artworks, telling stories, presenting cultures and enabling audiences to experience a new exploration of the city and see it in a completely different light.

Grand Theatre of Lemmings

The Grand Theatre of Lemmings have pioneered Street Theatre for over thirty years and their latest venture is an epic larger than life production of “King Kong” - in the smallest theatre in the world ‘Seeing is believing’!


Blending acrobatics, hand-built structures and sublime visuals, Acrojou create unique contemporary circus productions for events worldwide; performance crafted from circus, theatre, story and soul.

Trash Dollys

Enter Cape Alley, a nether world of beautiful dereliction where a rag tag band of outlaws dance to their own strange tune. Blending dance and theatre forms to create visually striking and captivating work, Trash Dolly’s are expressive and dynamic performers who forge fantastical storytelling with striking physicality.


This wonderful balloon-art street act helps transform every event into a carnival, party atmosphere. Decorating people with incredible hats, giant costumes and hilarious balloon toys gets everyone laughing and they will even amaze passers-by with their astonishing models.

They are undisputedly the UK’s most extravagant balloon artists.

Stickleback Plasticus

Using comedy, puppetry, song and improvisation, these furry felines will bring catnip joy to all audiences. From oversized rubbish bins, our mischievous cats reflect on their lives, mice, milkmen, food and the death of Fat Bob.

Whalley Range All Stars

Come and see Gloria, a 30 foot long sleeping sow in a pen. You can see her snuffling, opening and closing her eyes, and hear her snoring. A farm-hand invites ten people at a time into the pen to take a peek at a 10-minute long, unexpected piece of theatre inside her belly.

The Bruce Airhead Show

The metamorphosis of a man and a six-foot balloon. Bruce Airhead, with a volunteer, uses a voice-activated vacuum cleaner to inflate a six foot balloon. Then to the crowd’s disbelief, wearing only brightly coloured lycra shorts and choreographed to music, Bruce slides inside the balloon. Watch out for the explosive finish.