VIDEO: The sights and sounds of Harvest Festival bring Cathedral Square to life

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Summer may have been a disappointment this year, but a September Saturday was lit up gloriously for the Harvest Festival which is adorning Cathedral Square in Peterborough.

The two-day event is being put on by arts group Metal with a series of events and stalls.

The Harvest Festival in Peterborough

The Harvest Festival in Peterborough

An original food and craft market is up in the city centre and a collection of dancers are set to entertain the visitors.

The weekend is full of activities both during the day and evening which can be viewed here.

One of the attractions is Matt Lewis’ ‘Where is the Rustling Wood?’ which captures the sounds of the Peterborough countryside inside a hay stall.

Elizabeth Cannell who was sat inside said: “It is interesting. These are totally different sounds to what we hear normally and I like that it smells like hay.”

Husband Stephan Keune went one step further, suggesting that it would be nice to take the stall home and sleep in it at their Woodston residence.

Matt, a musician and sound artist who has exhibited internationally, is hoping his exhibition will encourage others to send through their own countryside sounds.

Tomorrow (Sunday, September 20) will also see 500 people enjoy an outdoor meal as the festival continues.