Enjoy Shakespeare at Rutland Open Air Theatre this summer

Stamford Shakespeare Company 2015 season at Tolethorpe
Stamford Shakespeare Company 2015 season at Tolethorpe
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Every summer more than 34,500 people from throughout the UK and from overseas attend the amateur Stamford Shakespeare Company’s acclaimed summer season of plays in June, July and August at Rutland Open Air Theatre, Tolethorpe Hall.

Performances take place on an open air stage set in idyllic glade facing a 600-seat, raked, and permanently covered auditorium.

The plays chosen for the 39th Stamford Shakespeare Company season are Henry V, Romeo and Juliet and Tom Jones.

l Henry V: Prince Hal, the playboy of 15th Century England turns military commander and statesman to defy the overwhelming odds of France on the bloody fields of Agincourt.

Comedy, romance, treachery, triumph and disaster combine to paint a vivid picture of life and death in 15th century France and England. Performances take place at 7.45pm each evening from Saturday, June 13 to Friday, June 19 and 1.30pm on Saturday June 20. Further performances will be held in June and July.

l Romeo and Juliet: The greatest love story the world has ever known is set in Victorian England amid the feud between the Capulets, portrayed as a gypsy family and the Montagues as traditional landowners.

The bitter conflict between the families force Romeo and Juliet to conceal their passion and the forbidden nature of their love leads to the inevitable tragedy. Performances take place at 7.45pm on Friday, June 12 and 1.30pm Saturday, June 13 with further performances during June, July and August.

l Tom Jones: Step back in time to the bawdy, fun-loving world of the 1700s with the hilarious romantic comedy of Henry Fielding’s masterpiece Tom Jones.

Adapted for the stage by Joan McAlpine, the play follows the life of Tom from his discovery as a babe in the bed of an honest, kind-hearted landowner, through his adolescent misdemeanours and on to the growing awareness of his attractiveness to the ladies of all ages.

Tom’s youthful recklessness brings him not only into the arms of a number of amorous women but also to the condemned cell. As he is led to the gallows there is a great commotion – will he hang, or will he escape the noose to marry his only true love Sophia? Performances take place during July and August.

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