Roast dinner institution sets up home at Peterborough theatre

David Beever outside The Broadway.
David Beever outside The Broadway.

The people behind Peterborough’s popular Sundays carvery restaurant are back - and are now the catering contractors at The Broadway.

After missing just three Sundays, since it closed in January after more than a decade, the Peterborough roast dinner institution can now be found within the theatre and venue in the centre of the city. Providing their

The new Sundays operation at The Broadway

The new Sundays operation at The Broadway

top-notch service to the venue on Wednesdays and Sundays, you now have two chances a week to savour what is on offer.

Manager David Beever had been hoping that his daydreams of a relaxing couple of weeks after their final Sunday in their previous premises in Cumbergate would come true.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. The daydreaming vanished in a blink of an eye, as he and his staff found themselves very busy getting ready to become the food service provider to

The Broadway.

After a ‘soft’ opening on Sunday (February 4), David said: “As much work as there has been to move, it already feels worth it. This venue has a much more relaxing feel, much more space and seating, and is much more impressive. Our loyal customers need not worry, the great food and keen prices people have come to expect from Sundays remain the same. We are now just providing our service to The Broadway and then on to them.”

With the new venue also come new options. David said: “With the extra space, Sundays is now able to offer reservations via The Broadway, which we hadn’t previously had the space to do, especially for days such as Mothering Sunday on March 11.”

Alex Geairns, The Broadway’s Executive Director, noted: “When I previously worked in the city centre, I was a regular customer at Sundays. There’s something about the ingredients of a roast dinner which are so reassuring that it makes having one a perfect stress-buster. I’m delighted that Sundays are now our ‘caterers in residence’ at The Broadway.”

Tables for meals at Sundays can be reserved by calling The Broadway’s Box Office on 01733 306071 (9.00am to 5.00pm daily).