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Pizza Express in Cathedral Square.
Pizza Express in Cathedral Square.
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Pizza Express has been based in Cathedral Square for a fair few years and though I’ve walked past it close to a hundred times, I’ve never ventured in – until now.

The chain is seemingly forever offering special prices to the people on their mailing list, so it’s well worthwhile signing up to. On this occasion my mum and I used the “two courses for £10” deal - a handy offer when the average price for a main is around that price, so you’re essentially getting a starter or dessert free. We decided to go down the sharing route meaning I had the deal with a starter and main, and my mum had a main and dessert.

Pizza Express restaurant review.

Pizza Express restaurant review.

For the starter we ordered garlic bread with mozzarella and we were delighted when it arrived.

It was one round piece of bread covered in cheese. Still sticking to the sharing plan, we cut it in half and the cheese oozed onto the plate. It was a delicious starter, however the garlic was slightly lacking.

One thing about this restaurant that I really do like is that you can see the food being prepared and it being put in the ovens.

This gives a real sense of freshness about it, knowing it has been made whilst you’re waiting, not just reheated or served pre-made.

Pizza Express restaurant review.

Pizza Express restaurant review.

After roughly 10 minutes from receiving our starter we saw our mains being plated and brought over. My mum and I had the La Reine pizza which was prosciutto cotto ham, olives and mushrooms however as we do not like olives, they were happy to leave them off.

My first reaction when they put it down on the table was ‘wow’ as it look perfectly cooked and quite big in size. One problem was that there wasn’t an awful lot of cheese on the pizza, but the toppings compensated as there was plenty of ham and mushrooms to keep us happy.

We started eating and it tasted absolutely amazing, apart from the amount of tomato on the base. When taking a bite, it was overpowering which after eating half of it, got too much for us, so we both had to scrape some of it off. Apart from that it was divine.

After the lovely mains, we were rather full so it was nice to have a few minutes before dessert arrived.

Pizza Express restaurant review.

Pizza Express restaurant review.

My mum and I decided to go for the chocolate fudge cake. From my seat I could see our waiter Bruno, who was very nice and friendly, preparing it which made the wait seem longer than it was. Our dessert arrived at our table and it looked exquisite.

On the plate was a good sized piece of chocolate cake - as it was meant to be for one, it was a good size to share. There was a perfectly curled scoop of ice cream with a quarter of a strawberry on top with a mint leaf just for decoration. We delved in, mum starting with the ice cream which she described as “creamy and delicious” and I started with the strawberry, then the cake. The topping was rich and smooth, which counterbalanced the sponge perfectly. If the cake and the topping were rich, it would have left a very sickly tang in your mouth.

Overall, our high anticipations of Pizza Express were met after this meal and it was good that we had a polite member of staff which made the visit all the nicer.

This is somewhere we will definitely consider visiting again.

7 out of 10

8 Cathedral Square, Peterborough, PE1 1XH.

Editor’s note: There has been an extraordinary reaction to this review. I briefly took the author’s name off because I wanted to check that the student journalist who wrote it was comfortable with the situation. To her credit she is and we stand by her review. In hindsight I think I should have made it clear that the author was a student in the byline. That said the restaurant review is a personal piece and that was her opinion, and we stand by her all the way. I haven’t been able to reply to all the messages we’ve had, but thanks to everyone who got in touch. I for one am looking forward to going out for a pizza tonight!

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