Parveen The Spice Queen: Romantic meals with Asian elegance

love is in the air
love is in the air

It seems that love is in the, I am not talking about the 1978 song by John Paul Young, gosh - I am showing my age now! I am actually referring to our own Prince Harry getting engaged to the beautiful Megan Markle. It’s lovely to celebrate some positive news with so much doom and gloom around.

Speaking of celebrating - I was lucky enough to cook two very special celebratory dinners last weekend.

Love is in the air

Love is in the air

On Friday evening, I cooked a romantic candlelit meal for a couple who had been married for 32 years.

Then, on Saturday night, I cooked a five-course marriage proposal dinner in central London. The groom-to-be had pulled out all the stops to surprise his lady love. He hired a penthouse apartment overlooking Tower Bridge which looked breathtaking, with all the lights twinkling like stars after the sun had set. He lit up the floor with candles and sprinkled rose petals for her to walk on... see I told you love was in the air.

For such a special proposal, I wanted to create a love themed menu. I also wanted to create something, classy, elegant and beautiful.

I know what you are thinking - Indian cuisine is not synonymous with class and elegance but I am here to change that perception. So, here is what I did to make their meal a special one.

I designed a bespoke exotic cocktail using lychee juice, mint and lime. I named the cocktail “Marriage Made in Heaven” and served them in glasses that lit up!

I wrapped gold dinner napkins with a personalised red ribbon.

I used diamanté encrusted champagne flutes for the couple to toast their engagement.

I cut the paneer into heart shapes before marinating and pan frying.

Using a mini cutter, I cut the Asian sweets onto heart shapes, then dusted them with edible glitter.

And for dessert I made a mango mess for the couple to share, served with a heart shaped chocolate truffle biscuit.

These are just a few ideas and top tips to create an Indian romantic meal. Some ideas may be a little OTT, but I feel with the Indian and Bollywood theme, it works.

Give it a go, and if you can’t manage it, just hire me. No, but seriously, it’s just lovely to see that romance is in the air; whether it’s a romantic meal for a couple who have been married 32 years, a couple on the way to their nuptials or a royal couple. Congratulations to them all.