New grill restaurant to turn up the heat in Peterborough city centre

How the resturant branding will look
How the resturant branding will look
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There is a tasty new addition coming to the eating out scene in Peterborough city centre soon.

Cowgate will become home to Five Lads, a premium grill-style restaurant specialising in flamed peri peri grilled chicken and steak.

The site of the new peri peri chicken restaurant

The site of the new peri peri chicken restaurant

A massive refurbishment of the former estage agent office is underway and 
the new restaurant is scheduled to open in the first or second week of July, creating 15 jobs.

Zeeshan Manzoor, who will run the restaurant, said he and business partner Jay Ayub - a Subway franchisee, had struck up a partnership with the Five Lads restaurant in Leyton.

“It is a bit like a franchise, but the plan is to grow the brand together, with the new Peterborough opening being the flagship restaurant.

“We felt there was an opening for a restaurant like this. Yes, there is a Nandos but we will also do sizzling steaks.

“We felt Peterborough did not have somewhere like this that is independent and offering quality food and excellent service at a reasonable price.”

Jay Ayub said he believed that the Cowgate premises - alongside a number of existing pizza and pasta restaurants - were an ideal city location for a premium grill restaurant, which will seat 45-50 diners.

He says: “Cowgate is a busy thoroughfare for those going to the city centre as well as to the railway station, and there’s business lunch footfall to capture too.

“While there may be a number of food operators in the vicinity, we see ourselves as being the only independent trader offering the eat-in premium grill experience.”