DVD Of The Week: Indian Summers

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It looks magnificent, the mood steamy, and the costumes lavish. The sun’s setting on an era and an empire, but inside the gin and tonic bubble the Brits think talk of rebellion will just go away.

Indeed, even with the writing writ large on the wall, there is a back-stabbing battle to be the next Viceroy. Around them a new nation is champing at the bit to get independence and bright, well educated young Indians are frustrated by dozy Hoorah Henrys and Harriets bred by colonial bigwigs holding down the best positions. Nobody is more blinkered to this than Cynthia Coffin (Julie Walters – pictured), the glamorous doyenne of Simla, a small British colony nestled amidst tea plantations in the Himalayan foothills, who is preparing the exclusively white British Club for the society season. But class, race, politics, secrets and lies will play a part in bringing Cynthia’s world crashing down. Great star cast includes Jemima West, Henry Lloyd Hughes, Nikesh Patel and Aysha Kala.

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