Book Of The Week: Spark by John Twelve Hawks

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THIS book’s blazing with imagination and insights into humanity. It’s set in the not-too-distant-future where jobs have been taken over by robots, and everyone is under surveillance.

It’s like no thriller I’ve read. I’m no sci-fi fan but as already we are watched by CCTV cameras and tracked by our own computers, this was more like sci-fact. I was mesmerised by anti-hero Jacob Underwood who’s the perfect assassin. He has no feelings, no regrets, no scruples. Hardly surprising, as Jacob believes he’s dead following a motorcycle crash, and a wavering spark is all that remains of his ‘being’ trapped in a shell of flesh and bone. But Jacob was rebuilt, re-programmed by a shadowy organisation that employs him as a hitman. He does exactly what his boss, the mysterious Miss Holquist tells him. Until, that is, he’s assigned to hunt down staff member Emily Buchanan who has vanished with information that could destroy the organisation. But there’s something about Emily that inspires him to defy orders and now Holquist wants him dead – this time, for good. Terrific! Review by Alex Gordon.

Corgi £6.99