Big plans for Royal gig in tiny principality

Moony in Liechtenstein
Moony in Liechtenstein
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A city band is hoping they hit all the right notes in their attempts to get the Royal seal of approval - from Liechtenstein’s ruling family.

Opaque, a six piece band from Peterborough are more used to playing in Charters on Town Bridge, but the group has built a following in the tiny Alpine country, and the group are hoping to play at a Royal party next year.

Singer/songwriter Moony(40), from Orton Waterville, said: “I was looking at the data from our Youtube videos, and saw there were quite a few views in Liechtenstein. I had no idea where it was, or anything about it.

“I looked on a map and drove down there.

“It only has a population of about 36,000.

“We had no idea of why people had been viewing our videos, so we went and spent a few days meeting people.

“Our original plan was to try and get a number one in the Liechtenstein charts - but then we found there are no charts in Liechtenstein. But we would love to be Liechtenstein’s new favourite band.

“It is only a small country - you can drive through the centre of the capital in just a few minutes

Having arrived in the European principality, Moony - who refused to reveal his real name - spoke to radio stations and politicians in the tiny country.

He said: “Everyone I spoke to was smiling. They were all asking why we were here, as most people go to Switzerland or Austria. We didn’t find out why we had so many views there though.

“But I like the fact we are being appreciated somewhere, even if it is a little corner of Europe.

“We managed to arrange a tour of Liechtenstein, and we go out in October. The tour is called ‘to Liechtenstein with love.’

“We hope we can get enough support to go back next year.

“The Prince of Liechtenstein holds a party every year for the national holiday, and everyone in the country is invited to attend. We are trying to get a chance to play at the party for the prince.”

Moony has been running the band for 15 years, although it is currently in its 4th re-incarnation.

Along with Moony, the band is made up of Ben Turner on Backing Vocals, Electronics and Synth, Simon Piper playing Piano & Keybaord, James Butler on the Classical Guitar & Ukulele, Rufus Corfield on bass and Miles Bunten playing the drums

Moony said: “I like to do the band for two or three years in a row, and then stop to allow me to write a new album. It helps keep everything fresh for me.

“We are a gypsy swing band with a bit of acoustic and a bit of psycadelia. We don’t really sound like any other band.”

Opaque will be playing at HMV in Queensgate at 3pm on Saturday, April 18.

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