Passions, frustrations and self-worth

New Hoardings Exhibition at City Gallery opening December 12
New Hoardings Exhibition at City Gallery opening December 12
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A new exhibition at City Gallery promises to lift the lid on resident’s passions, frustrations and self-worth.

Increasingly, the distinction between traditional notions of public and private; the street and the home; or the image we present to strangers compared to our families blurs in our modern world. Whilst we are accustomed to having advertising all around us and social media documenting our every move, there are times when our private thoughts and personal spaces seem ever more important and vital.

A new exhibition ‘hoarding’ curated by arts organisation Metal, opens tomorrow and introduces you to these two worlds. Visitors to the exhibition will encounter monumental billboards designed by 10 UK artists to the intimate, everyday journals of Peterborough residents. The overall effect is to consider the bigger questions of our time provoked by and through the intimate expression of others.

The work shown in this exhibition is the culmination of two projects #MetalBillboard and 100 Journals. These projects offered people of all ages a forum and the time and space to share their thoughts, lives and opinions. One used the tools of the public debate and social media; whilst the other offered an escape into private reflection through diaries and sketchbooks. The result is an insight into the lives and passions of the city, the sharing of opinions and the creation of new friendships and networks.

Visiting the exhibition you will see amazing artwork, be privy to secret confessions, gripes and rants, explore collections of found ephemera and everything in between. The journals themselves speak of the personal, of frustrations and passions, of love and loss, ambitions, wishes and self-worth. Sometimes they speak of just plain boredom.

The exhibition runs through until February 22 at City Gallery , Priestgate, Peterborough.