Comedy: Katy Brand at The Cresset

Katy Brand
Katy Brand
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WITH 15 costume changes, you may think you’re going to a Lady Gaga concert, not a comedy show.

A lot of effort is going on behind the scenes to make Katy Brand’s first ever headline tour a slick success.

Like Catherine Tate and the Little Britain duo, Katy delivers a blunt form of 21st-century satire – often in the form of song.

In a country obsessed with celebrity, bodysize and shopping, Katy uses our fascinations to great comic effect.

Her musical send-ups target the mainstream– the boozy Amy Winehouse, the flashy Lily Allen and Jay-Z’s glamourous beau Beyoncé.

Speaking to The Guide ahead of her Peterborough show later this month, Katy said it was easy to come up with new characters.

“You’ve just got to listen to the charts, watch the videos, there’s so much to chose from.

“Sometimes I wait a while to use them, but it’s easy to spot which performers will be perfect from the very beginning,” she said.

Future characters Katy mentioned she would be looking at include Nigella Lawson and, with the football World Cup pending, Wayne Rooney’s wife Coleen.

An Oxford University graduate, Katy said it was her time as a student which encouraged her comedy.

She was very good friends with fellow actress and writer Katherine Parkinson – who is now most recognisable as Jen Barber in The IT Crowd.

When she graduated, however, Katy did not want to perform straight away and went into television production.

“But I kept bumping in to people from university who said I would be great as a performer, so then things started to change,” she added.

Putting pen to paper, the scripts and sketches soon started to flow, and she started to produce work for the Edinburgh Festival.

With TV producers getting interested, it wasn’t long before the Big Ass Show aired on ITV.

Now it’s time to take it around the country, and Katy admits it’s a slightly daunting prospect.

“Some of the drives we have to do between towns are huge, I wonder if we will make it in time!

“With that and all the costumes we have load up, it looks like hard work!

“But I have to say I’m really looking forward to it. It will be interesting to see the faces of people in the audience, you can’t get that reaction on the television.”

Katy Brand’s Big Ass Live Show is at The Cresset, in Bretton, on Thursday, April 22.

Tickets cost £18.50 from or 01733 265705.