Books: Thrillers, love stories and historical works from local authors

Sumya Balsari. Photo supplied
Sumya Balsari. Photo supplied
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A round-up of works from Cambridgeshire authors on a variety of subjects, all released in the past two months:

Local nail technician of Eden Hair Studio Danielle Fox, from Hampton (right), released her first novel in May.

Danni Fox. Photo supplied

Danni Fox. Photo supplied

Freed by You has already had over 3,500 downloads on Amazon, with an excellent overall rating of 4.5 stars.

The e-book (£2.99) tells a story of two tortured souls who come together, fighting against all the odds for their hope of finding happiness.

*Summer of Blue is the second novel from author Saumya Balsari (pictured).

It is set among the spires of Cambridge, sunny Mumbai and the shadows of war-torn Afghanistan and is an off-beat narrative of love, loss and 
longing – a story of teenage angst and the pressures of modern life.

Saumya’s first novel The Cambridge Curry Club won the first ever Cambridgeshire Book of the Decade Award and was shortlisted for a Vodafone Book Award.

‘Saumya Balsari is a self-published author and Summer of Blue is available from all major e-retailers including Amazon priced at £2.99

*The village of Eye is a treasure-trove of history, and much of it is told in a handy little guidebook to centuries of bygone memories, newly published by local historian Andrew Pape.

Once an island within acres of marshy fenland, Eye has been inhabited for thousands of years.

Eye started out as a farming community, with much of the land owned by the Abbot of Peterborough in the days before the Abbey was replaced by a Cathedral.

There were once four windmills in the village, and as industrialisation arrived, along came brick pits and a railway line

Eye also once boasted nine pubs and its own fire station; it had its own policeman and a village crier.

Eye Village History (paperback £6.50, ISBN 978-178035-572-6) is available to order directly from the publisher at or from any good bookshop or 
internet retailer.

*Ideal World presenter Nigel May has two pieces on offer.

Trinity follows the lives of three rich, beautiful and glamorous women who think that the bond of friendship between them will last for eternity.

But life has an unpleasant way of upsetting their harmonious existence.

Nigel has also contributed a short story to Sunlounger, an anthology of works designed for fan’s of women’s fiction.

Trinity costs £1.91 from Amazon, and for more information on Sunlounger go to