A ray of sunshine for Peterborough from The Revellers

Love Island isn’t the only thing bringing summer to you this winter - The Revellers are bringing Sand Castles to the Key Theatre on February 6, 7 and 8!

Saturday, 1st February 2020, 6:00 am
Revellers present Sand Castles

Following the runaway success of Mort, it wasn’t easy to come up with an idea for the Revellers’ next show – they wanted something that would accommodate as many members as possible and a show that would appeal to wide range of theatregoers.

After some deliberation we have Sand Castles, from the pen of highly respected writer Bob Larbey who wrote and co-wrote many well known TV comedies such as The Good Life, Ever Decreasing Circles, Please Sir!, As Time Goes By, Brush Strokes, etc.

Sand Castles will bring a welcome ray of sunshine and laughter to a dark winter’s night or two.

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Larbey has a knack for creating a wonderful assortment of warm, lovable, quirky characters and the talented cast has worked hard to bring them to life.

Sand Castles is a gentle and funny play that tells of two couples, posh William and Margaret Patterson, played by Revellers favourite Mark Freeman and Revellers newbie Georgina Flack, and would-be posh Stan and Bernice Billet, played by Revellers regulars Shaun Kane and Vicki Head, who are taking their annual holiday, as always using their beach hut around which, over the years, they have staked out their own territory and established their own beach rules.

This year, they are invaded by several interlopers lead by Doug, who is played by Sean Flynn, and his young “nieces” who are played by Kirsty Bishop and Kitty Johnson. They rent the middle hut of the three and play havoc with the silly rules and boundaries that have been set in place.

The Billets have taken Stan’s mother, played by Jane Kisbee, and Bernice’s sister Pauline played by Sarah Goodman on this year’s holiday.

Three of the hilarious interlopers are played by Cydney Beagley, Helen Naylor and Sarah Dawson.

The show is being directed by Revellers chairman Brian Havers, assisted by Sarah Middleton.

Tickets are available from the Key Theatre box office or online at vivacity.org.