It's '˜Horrible' and it's '˜Barmy' '“ and it's coming to Peterborough!

After a hugely successful West End season, Horrible Histories '“ More Best Of Barmy Britain is touring the country and can be seen at the Key Theatre next week.

Saturday, 31st March 2018, 2:10 pm
Horrible Histories.

This hilarious hit show (catch it on April 6 and 7) is a gag-filled gallop through several thousand years of British history with just two actors playing all of the roles!

Find out why the Romans were revolting! Could you survive the vicious Vikings? Can evil Elizabeth entertain England? Go wild with wordy Will Shakespeare! Would you party with the Puritans? Clap along with crazy King Charles! Vomit with the vile Victorians and prepare to do battle in the frightful First World War!

These are just some of the fascinating characters audiences will discover in this splendiferously funny 70-minute show– it’s history with the nasty bits left in.

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More Best of Barmy Britain is written by Terry Deary and Neal Foster from Deary’s bestselling Horrible Histories books.

Deary is the world’s bestselling non-fiction author for children, and one of the most popular children’s authors in the country.

He has written 200 books which have been translated into 40 different languages. His 50 Horrible Histories titles have sold over 25 million copies worldwide from China to Brazil.

This fantastic show will entertain all ages with its hysterical historical journey through the barmiest bits of British history, including all the squelchiest and yuckiest moments!

Perfect entertainment for those aged from 5 upwards.

Tickets from the Key Theatre box office on 01733 207239 or at

Dinosaur World

The Broadway, March 30-31

A brand new dino-mite adventure! Dare to experience the dangers and delights of Dinosaur World in this interactive new show for all the family. Age guidance: 3+

Grab your compass and join our intrepid explorer across unchartered territories to discover a pre-historic world of astonishing (and remarkably life-like) dinosaurs. Meet host of creatures, including every child’s favourite flesh-eating giant, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops, Giraffatitan, Microraptor, and Segnosaurus.

The Amazing Bubble Man

Stamford Corn Exchange, April 4

Louis Pearl has been thrilling audiences for over 30 years with the art, magic, science and fun of bubbles. An Edinburgh Fringe favourite, he has sold out there for the last 10 years. Louis explores the breathtaking dynamics of bubbles, combining comedy and artistry with audience participation, and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep everyone mesmerised. From square bubbles, fog and helium bubbles, giant bubbles, volcanoes, tornados and trampolines to people inside bubbles.

Box office 01780 766455

Macbeth (screened live from the Royal Opera House)

Key Theatre, April 4

The warrior Macbeth fights on the side of the King of Scotland – but when a coven of witches prophesy that he shall become king himself, a ruthless ambition drives Macbeth and his wife to horrific acts. Murder makes Macbeth king, and intrigue and butchery are the hallmarks of his brief, doomed reign. The witches make another prediction, which also comes true: Macbeth and his lady lose their lives, and justice is restored. Sung in Italian with English subtitles.

A Tiger’s Tale

Stamford Arts Centre, April 4 at 2pm and 4pm

M6 Theatre presents a fantastical new production by the award winning playwright Mike Kenny. Based on the story of Fenella, the Holmfirth Tiger, A Tiger’s Tale is a high spirited balancing act of circus, puppetry, live music and song. From a circus train in South Africa, to a steamboat on the Atlantic Ocean and onward to West Yorkshire, a ramshackle travelling troupe tell us the unbelievable true story of a family of acrobats and their adopted tiger cub. Join Titch, Ma and Pa on their riotous adventure.