Folk meets hip hop in fun new show

The whole family will be entertained by The Lock In '˜Folk Fairy Tale', a new comical version of the successful folk and hip hop show by Breaking Tradition dance company.

Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 1:25 pm
The Lock In Fairy Folk Tale featuring The Demon Barbers

Join the hip hop dancers (Key Theatre, March 29) as they arrive at an apparently deserted pub, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, which rumour has it, is frequently visited by other worldly characters. As the regulars arrive, a clash of cultures soon turns into a dance floor stand-off.

To add to the drama, fusion loving landlady, Grandma, is nowhere to be seen and the pub is being run by the stubborn, and mysteriously lupine, Jasmine, who’s determined to stamp out the fun and keep things strictly traditional. There is hope though, in the form of a mystical woodcutter, who may just have some tricks up his chequered sleeve.

Will the woodcutter succeed? Can the regulars get the party started? Will we ever know what happened to Grandma?

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The Lock in

With live music from award winning folk band, The Demon Barbers, The Lock In ‘Folk Fairy Tale’ mixes folk music and traditional dance with up to date hip hop, in a high energy celebration of dance culture.

Breaking Tradition is a folk and hip hop dance company founded by Artistic Director, Damien Barber. The dance company integrates traditional English dance, music and song with modern genres and has developed its own unique repertoire of folk and hip hop dance fusion.

Breaking Tradition dance company now returns to the stage after their sell out performances of The Lock In ‘Christmas Carol’.

This time, the dance theatre event combines elements from the Grimm Brothers’ classic fairytales, with a funky musical score and colourful new choreography, promising to be an exciting dance extravaganza.

The Lock in

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