Apprentice winner rates candidate’s week two performance

'Jeff's moves were not on point in this episode' (Photo: BBC)
'Jeff's moves were not on point in this episode' (Photo: BBC)
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Peterborough’s Apprentice winner Joseph Valente has given his views on the latest batch of candidates following the second week of the hit TV show.

Joseph, who won the backing of Lord Sugar in 2015, rated each candidate’s ability in the hotel room design challenge. He said: “Last night’s episode of The Apprentice brought back memories from 2015 all over again. After getting through the initial week the candidates’ confidence will be growing. And they’re starting to suss one another out.

Back-talking Lord Sugar? Always risky (Photo: BBC)

Back-talking Lord Sugar? Always risky (Photo: BBC)

“The Apprentice theme is the Montagues and Capulets music from ‘Romeo and Juliet’. It perfectly reflects the ongoing warring the candidates now need to engage in.

The Good

Bushra put herself forward for Project Manager this week, and straight away used the girls’ strengths to her advantage. Having a £13,000 budget and only using £5,000 gave the team a massive advantage. Elizabeth has great attention to detail (maybe a little too much sometimes), and both Sarahs again stepped up to the mark – with Sarah Jayne standing out as a potential front-runner already.”

The Bad

“Sajan’s mood board was just pictures with no meaning. You can’t sell without a clear outline. Charles and Elliot on the design team based their theme around Great Britain – but they used yellow in the colour scheme. Red, White and Blue boys! They should have kept it simple. Ross was very reluctant to take the role as PM. In a task where you have profit involved why would you not set out any margins for the team? Plus, asking Lord Sugar not to interrupt him while he was speaking was a bad move.

“Joanna seemed to want to stamp herself on the process last night, but ended up coming across as very disruptive. Elliot is still being very quiet and seems reluctant to have any opinions or views. Jeff’s moves were not on point in this episode either – which saw him ‘checking out of the running’. Sorry Jeff, but you’re fired.”

Room for improvement

“James allowed his sub team to push him into what to buy. However, he wasn’t given a clear outline of what he could spend, and he did manage to negotiate the price down. Andrew was up with the better candidates last week, however this week he seemed to fall short. Harrison can clearly negotiate, but we need to start seeing his other attributes and what else he has to offer. Siobhan and Michaela seem very easily led – however I am still swaying towards an all-female final. Maybe even a female top 4.”