Album of the week: The Slow Show - White Water

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Manchester has long been a hotbed for producing pop music talent but the next band set to come off the city’s success production line have followed an unusual path.

The Slow Show were formed in 2010, but the fivepiece had hardly performed a note in their own hometown before fate in the shape of some serious BBC radio backing intervened and a European tour followed.

Now The Slow Show, who are Rob Goodwin (vocals, guitar), Frederik ‘t Kindt (keyboards), Joel Byrne-McCullough (lead guitar), Chris Hough (drums) and James Longden (bass), have released their debut album.

In some ways there areclear indications that this is the work of people raised in a tough Northern city. Their songs are epic and dark and brooding, and who else but a bunch of northern lads would use the 30-piece brass Glossop Old Band?

But elsewhere their music reveals more distant influences with singer Rob Goodwin’s impressive vocals at times reminiscent of Johnny Cash and the songs containa streak of Americana that has led to comparisons with The National.

Lyrically, the band can bring a lump to the throat as Goodwin says: “For us, success is to get people really listening. We’ve had audiences fall quiet and people come up to us in tears. It’s strange, but it’s incredibly touching when people react like that.”

Expect a lot more tears as word gets out about Manchester’s latest export.