Album of the week: The Cribs - For All My Sisters

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It’s hard to find anyone with a bad word for The Cribs, but perhaps the good words, of which there have been plenty, have been becoming less fulsome of late.

Maybe it is because of a perceived lack of progress in the band’s development, although their legion of fans would no doubt counter “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’’

The Cribs are three brothers from Wakefield – twins Gary and Ryan and younger brother Ross. They formed the band in 2002 and over the course of their career have produced some of the very best UK indie/garage rock.

Along the way they have picked up awards and accolades with an Outstanding Contribution To Music from the NME and a Spirit Of Independence award in their trophy cabinet.

For All My Sisters is The Cribs sixth album and has been produced by Ric Ocasek the frontman of The Cars and a renowned producer.

The band’s stock in trade has always been rip-roaring rock songs with big bold hooks and the first single from this album Burning For No One shows they’ve not lost their touch. It has a hint of Orange Juice which for the pop connoisseur is no bad thing.

Ryan has described the album as their poppiest since Men’s Needs, Woman’s Needs and it boasts a similar epic euphoria.

It’s hard to pick favourite tracks, but Pacific Time and Diamond Girl will surely be on their next “best of’’.

They may not be the most innovative of bands but for no-nonsense rock and pop thrills nobody does it better than the brothers Jarman.