A day of celebration for Morris dancers in Peterborough

Peterborough Morris performing.
Peterborough Morris performing.
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A cohort of dancers and musicians will be visiting numerous venues in and around Peterborough on Saturday to celebrate the tradition.

More than 40 morris dancers, from across the midlands and east anglia, will perform in the city before visiting a number of pubs in nearby villages.

Peterborough Morris and Crosskey Clog, will be joined by fellow dancers and musicians from a number of other morris clubs to celebrate the centuries-old tradition.

The oldest known records of morris dancing in England date back to the fifteenth century, although the current form of the ritual performance is largely based on material collected in the early decades of the twentieth century.

Peterborough Morris, the city’s first ‘modern revival’ side, was formed in the autumn of 1979, and continues to perform regularly in the locality and further afield.

There are now three clubs in the city, each performing different styles of traditional dance, with members - men and women - aged between 12 and 83.

Shows of morris dancing will be given in the city centre on Saturday morning, from 10.20 until 11.25. Throughout the afternoon, in partnership with Gretton’s Coaches, the contingent will tour nearby villages putting on shows outside inns and ale houses. At midday, they will be the opening act at the ‘Woofstock’ music festival, held at the Angel Inn, Yarwell.

Later in the afternoon, the tour will conclude at Charters Bar near Town Bridge with a session of music and song.

Saturday’s tour is based on a similar event organised last year to celebrate a 21st birthday, which saw more than 70 morris dancers and musicians performing at more than 15 venues in the area over three days.

The full programme of this year’s event is as follows:

1020-1045 Cathedral Square, Peterborough

1050-1125 Long Causeway, Peterborough

1200-1245 Woodstock Music Festival at Angel Inn, Yarwell

1300-1330 White Swan, Woodnewton

1500-1540 Crown Inn, Elton

1600-1630 Cuckoo, Alwalton

1745-1830 Charters Bar, Peterborough

For more information on this day of dance please contact: pondlemorris@gmail.com

Peterborough Morris can be also be seen dancing at various local pubs on Tuesday evenings throughout the rest of the summer, and at the Peterborough Beer Festival on 25 August. They always welcome new dancers, and will begin practice again in September. For more information see: www.peterboroughmorris.co.uk.