World Of Sport - What dis-Gus-ting behaviour

Gus Poyet.
Gus Poyet.
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An over-rated Premier League stuffed full of over-paid players and serial cheats has entered the final stages. Here are the things bugging me about a competition that should never, ever be described as ‘the best league in the world’.

1) Chelsea started the season playing bright, attractive football, particularly for a side managed by Jose Mourinho.

But in recent weeks, as the pressure has intensified, they’ve reverted to type with their ‘win at any cost’ mentality which involves intimidating and trying to con officials (Branislav Ivanovic is built like a tree, but gets blown over by a gust of wind).

Diego Costa looked a top talent at the start of the season, but now appears more interested in living down to his image as the pantomime villain of the Premier League.

It’s been a sad and sorry descent. Chelsea will win the league obviously, but they will remain a friendless, charmless, class-free club until they change managers and until John Terry retires.

2) Sunderland fans must be the worst in the Premier League. I disliked Gus Poyet when he was managing Brighton with some success (he was a master of football’s dark arts), but I did advise him to quit the North-East at the end of last season before his reputation was buried at a backward-looking club with delusions of grandeur.

But what sort of fans leave at half-time after lobbing soft objects at their manager? Bad fans is the answer.

3) Someone please put Nigel Pearson, and by association the rest of us, out of his misery. The Leicester boss is out of his depth and appears to have a tortured soul judging by the aggressive, dismissive nature of his press interviews.

He’s also the top flight’s biggest managerial bore now that Paul Lambert is no longer with us.

4) Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is the master of duping his own fans into believing what a successful season actually is, but Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is learning fast.

Neither club gave themselves a chance of winning the Premier League (surely the major target of both), but both are busy trying to convince us that a top four finish would be a great achievement.

Rodgers has travelled down the ‘re-building’ route for his excuse for failure.

He wants it known that he picked up Phillipe Countinho for a bargain price in the hope that we forget the fortunes he wasted on Mario Balotelli and Rickie Lambert.

Liverpool were knocked out of Europe twice at the first hurdle this season and, after finishing second last season, are not even in the top four of the Premier League just now

That’s a decline not a positive development.

5) Unless Sunderland continue to implode or George Boyd continues to play like God, the three teams that were promoted to the Premier League last season will be relegated this season. With the disparity in TV money we should get used to it.