World of Sport - Not a good deal for fresh air fans

Joleon Lescott.
Joleon Lescott.
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No wonder Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore can escape proper censure for exchanging sleazy, sexist e-mails.

A man who can deliver a mind-boggling £5.2 billion to his employers is always going to be hard to sack.

The amount of cash squeezed out of Sky Sports and BT for live football coverage is far more obscene than anything Scudamore wrote though.

It’s true that great entertainers deserve great reward, but it’s also quite nauseating that the likes of Joleon Lescott (right) and Karl Henry - two of many average players in the top flight - can probably negotiate riches far beyond their dreams (and certainly beyond their level of ability) purely because there will be so much spare cash sloshing around the clubs.

Football fans don’t pay their TV subscriptions to watch the likes of James Milner. Just like those of us who prefer the live atmosphere don’t donate parts of hard-earned wages to watch Joey Barton, although paying £50 to hurl abuse at an idiot is sometimes tempting.

The salaries of the star names are now expected to reach an unfathomable £500k a week. A world where journeymen footballers earn £100k every seven days is not a good world.

Scudamore’s deal however is a good one for the clubs, for players of all standard and sadly for the agents as the money those leeches suck out of the game will doubtless increase proportionately.

It’s also a great deal for the armchair fan. He or she will have more games to watch on many different days , although extra doses of the banal from co-commentators like Michael Owen and Robbie Savage cannot be classed as a perk.

For the rest of us it’s not so good. Fresh air football fans in particular.

Friday night football always seems flat on TV and there will be horrible travel issues for the real fans.

Don’t be surprised to see Southampton v Sunderland on a Friday night, but don’t expect to see too many away supporters.

Will England’s national team benefit? Probably not as not a single Premier League outfit would ever put country before club.

Foreign players will flood in even greater numbers to our shores attracted by barely believable riches.

Young English players won’t get a chance in the Premier League as they’ll all be farmed out on loan to Swindon or MK Dons to make space for players who might help sell a satellite dish in Belgium or Brazil.

Some of the extra money might filter right down to the grassroots level where some of it will be wasted on FA blazers with expense accounts.

I love Sky’s coverage of football, but if they put their subscriptions up to cover the wage demands of Leon Osman I’ll be furious.

Especially if I see more of monotone-voiced Thierry Henry and less of Gary Neville in the punditry room.