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Posh director of football Barry Fry
Posh director of football Barry Fry
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Sky TV didn’t invent football as they certainly believe, but I reckon they must have created transfer deadline day.

I don’t see who else but a 24-hour rolling news service benefits from a farcical, comical day when football folk prove that they really are among the most stupid businessmen in the world.

Apart from Peterborough United director of football Barry Fry of course who somehow managed to get a fee for lumbering lump Tyrone Barnett.

I know Posh lost £1 million on his stay at the club, but I’m always grateful for small mercies.

Barnett’s departure to Shrewsbury was one of many manic deals completed in a sheer panic.

Those in charge of transfers act like they have supermarket discount coupons that would run out at 11pm on January 31 (or later if you’re a big Premier League club).

Multiple loan deals are completed in a rush even though loan transfers are permissible again seven days later.

Clubs act completely illogically given this knowledge. Of the 26 deals completed on transfer deadline day by League One clubs, only five involved a fee so why the rush?

Why haven’t deals been struck earlier in the month? Do managers and directors of football wake up on the last day of January and suddenly believe they need to find a new centre-half?

It’s all a con anyway. The ‘deadline’ is just a basis for negotiation for the major clubs.

Manchester United signed Radamel Falcao two hours after the August transfer window was supposed to close. Arsenal signed Danny Welbeck at around the same time, while Tom Cleverley’s arrival at Aston Villa was confirmed at 8am the following day.

Even League One’s stand out transfer this week of Dele Alli from MK Dons to Spurs had an element of farce.

Spurs paid £5 million for the gifted teenager and then sent him straight back to stadium:mk on loan. What if Alli picks up an injury at the hands of a Notts County clogger? It seems a strange use of a £5 million asset.

Maybe Spurs will just act like Nottingham Forest should Alli pick up an injury and not bother keeping up with the payment plan.

What a shoddy club Forest have become under their current owners. Treating legends and lower league clubs like dirt.

The good news for the rest of us is the Alli deal will surely stop Dons boss Karl Robinson bleating about his ‘budget’ holding the club back.

Dons now have five players on their staff they’ve borrowed from other clubs so budget talk is pretty irrelevant anyway.

Modern management is all about who you know rather than your ability as a coach, see also Swindon Town who have turned scrounging into an art form.

If either Swindon or Dons get promoted to the Championship next season, back them to come straight back down as they won’t survive at that level relying on hand outs.

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Hero of the week: Micky Mellon

Mcky Mellon has done a terrific job in steering Shrewsbury to the top of League Two following their relegation at the end of last season.

But he’s also a hero to Posh fans this week after paying money to take misfit million-pound striker Tyrone Barnett away from the ABAX Stadium. Thanks Micky. We owe you big time.

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Stop indulging the ‘sulking one’

I reckon the national press should boycott Jose Mourinho’s next press conference.

Why should the sulking one dictate when and how often he deigns to make his views public?

Mourinho (above) is a spoilt brat who stamps his feet, bursts into tears and takes his ball home with him whenever he doesn’t get his way.

Sadly he’s indulged both by the spineless Premier League (whose rules he his flouting with his flouncing) and the many bottom-wipers in the media.

Diego Costa deserved to get sent off for his stamping offences against Liverpool and it’s a fact that Chelsea players have been caught diving and cheating on regular occasions this season.

That’s not me on a campaign, it’s me commenting on the actions of a class-free club.

And another thing...


What an utter shambles the African Cup of Nations is. The standard of football is awful, the refereeing is worse and some of the players have clearly studied at the ‘Gary Cahill School of Useless Diving’.

You have great players like Yaya Toure and Gaby Zakuani (above) playing alongside Sunday morning footballers and the result is a complete mess.


Jose Mourinho should be made to watch tennis to see how proper sportsmen behave.

Andy Murray was gracious in defeat, while Novak Djokovic was humble in victory after beating the Scot in the Australian Open Final last weekend.

It would have been the same no matter who had won.