Ward a big winner as Cambs take the cream against Devon

World Championship throwers Martin Adams and Dennis Harbour returned to the bread and butter stuff at the weekend when competing for Cambridgeshire.

Thursday, 26th January 2017, 8:21 am
Updated Thursday, 26th January 2017, 8:28 am
Pictured is the high-flying Cambridgeshire womens A team. From the left they are Jane Judges, Amanda Abbott, Nadine Bentley, Sandra Greatbatch, Diane Nash and Juliet Findley.

They were in action for the local county at the GER Club in March and both won to steer Cambs to a BDO Inter-Counties League victory over Premier Division rivals Devon.

A week after competing on the Lakeside stage, where Harbour won one game and Adams two, the talented twosome won 4-3 and 4-2 respectively in the men’s A team clash.

Harbour finihsed with an average of 26.41 and Adams 29.55 but they were overshadowed by team-mate Stuart Ward. He won 4-0 with a top average of 30.84 to take the match award.

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Other match award winners were Brian Reed (men’s B), Wendy Ickin (women’s B) and Amanda Abbott (women’s A). Reed hit three 180s in his 4-2 win.

Cambs trailed 11-7 after the first day but came good on Sunday with the women’s A team winning 5-1, which saw them retain top spot overall, and the men’s A team winning 7-5. That earned Cambs a 19-17 triumph overall.

Cambs results

Women’s B: Wendy Ickin (av 16.49) won 3-2; Casey Hill (av 13.64) won 3-1; Liz Humphries (av 17.35) lost 3-1; Barbara Greatbatch (av 19.61) lost 3-1; Ronnie Johnson (av 15.51) lost 3-2; Debbie Melton (av 13.98) lost 3-1.

Men’s B: Jason Smith (av 22.18) lost 4-1; Brian Reed (av 25.82) won 4-2; Gary Flynn (av 22.94) lost 4-2; Darren Cotterell (av 20.55) won 4-2; Andy Jones (av 23.43) lost 4-2; Kelly Corcoran (av 22.16) lost 4-3; Gary Robertson (av 23.86) won 4-0; BJ Paget (av 23.50) lost 4-3; Pete Fuller (av 24.78) lost 4-1; Tony Holland (av 23.25) won 4-1; Martin Purell (av 25.37) lost 4-2; Ashley Coleman (av 21.94) won 4-1.

Women’s A: Sandra Greatbatch (av 18.34) won 3-1; Nadine Bentley (av 20.31) won 3-0; Juliet Findley (av 18.80) lost 3-1; Diane Nash (av 19.41) won 3-1; Jane Judges (av 19.84) won 3-1; Amanda Abbott (av 21.58) won 3-2.

Men’s A: Brett Claydon (av 28.76) won 4-3; Alex Topper (av 24.90) won 4-3; Dennis Harbour (av 26.41) won 4-3; Martin Adams (av 29.55) won 4-2; Paul Wenn (av 23.79) lost 4-2; Tony Holland (av 23.93) lost 4-0; Phil Carter (av 21.05) won 4-3; Will Harwood (av 24.95) lost 4-2; Stuart Ward (av 30.84) won 4-0; Steve Carrett (av 23.24) lost 4-2; Chris Sands Pearce (av 28.05) won 4-2; Matt David (av 24.01) lost 4-2.