Upwardly mobile Thorney FC appeal for help and the local ‘groundhop’ fixtures

Peterborough League side Thorney FC have appealed for sponsorship as they continue their unlikely surge towards the top ranked teams in the Premier Division.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 6:30 pm
Thorney FC (orange) in action last season.

Thorney finished a club record second in the top flight last season despite having no shirt sponsor or a home ground in their own village.

The club, who currently play their home games at Campbell Drive, Gunthorpe, while working on a return to Thorney, didn’t even train last season because of a lack of financial support.

“What we have achieved in recent seasons has been phenomenal given the lack of backing we have,” Thorney manager Tom Florence stated.

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“It doesn’t help that we are currently away from our own village, but Thorney is not exactly a place full of big firms we can approach anyway.

“We would be delighted if we could find any sort of backing for shirt sponsorship, tracksuits, training kit or just help with the day-to-day running of the club.

“Anyone who could help would be involved with a friendly as well as a thriving community club.

“Despite our lack of support we compete strongly against established clubs at a good level.”

Anyone interested in helping Thorney should call Tom on 07788 268661.

The local ‘groundhop’ fixtures for the summer have been announced...Friday, July 26, Peterborough Premier Division, Stamford Lions v Peterborough Polonia (7pm); Saturday, July 27, Peterborough Premier Division, FC Parson Drove v Oakham (10.45am), Peterborough Division Three, Orton Rangers v Parkside (1.45pm), Sunday, July 28: United Counties Division One, Whittlesey Athletic v Huntingdon Town.