SWIMMING: Happy birthday to Stanground minis!

The Stanground Mini Squad
The Stanground Mini Squad
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City of Peterborough Swimming Club (COPs) is currently enjoying its mist successful period since it was founded 79 years ago at Peterborough Lido.

Many of the swimmers that have brought individual and team success to the club in recent years have one thing in common – they began their COPS careers in the Stanground Mini Squad.

The first ‘Mini Squadders’ began their training in April 2005 under the expert coaching eye of Jo Elder who, 10 years on, is still guiding COPS fledgling talent along with her daughter Kayleigh.

Two other people that were instrumental in setting up the Stanground Mini Squad were the Club Administrator Roger Adams (current President of COPS) and Stanground administrator Emma Walker who is now a parent on the balcony herself.

Today Jo and Kayleigh are assisted by Katherine Braybrook (herself a former swimmer) and Nia Griffiths who currently swims with D2 squad.

The vison for the Mini squad was as a Community programme to provide a way in to competitive swimming for those less able to access the sport. Today, the squad provides a useful proving ground for developing stroke technique and learning the discipline required for successful competitive swimming.

Former Stanground swimmers Jamie Scholes (15) and Daniel Leigh (16) won eight medals at this year’s British National championships and many more former ‘Mini-Squadders’ are making their way through the club’s squad system with the aim of achieving top honours.

Happy 10th Anniversary to all the swimmers, coaches helpers and parents at Stanground from everyone at COPS.