Swimming - An all-time best for COPS as 11 make British Championships

Poppy Richardson.
Poppy Richardson.
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The growing reputation of City of Peterborough Swimming Club (COPS) was further enchanced at the weekend.

The city club, currently ranked sixth best in the country, were in action at the Derventio Excel Open Meet in Sheffield and they returned with an outstanding set of results.

Three more members achieved British Championship qualifying times taking the total number of qualifiers to a record high of 11.

The latest qualifiers were Poppy Richardson in the 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly and 400m individual medley, Amelia Monaghan in the 200m breaststroke and Maddie Saunders in the 400m individual medley and 400m freestyle.

These three will now join Bethany Saunders, Jamie Scholes, Katie Brown, Dan Leigh, Rachel Wellings, Leah Roughan, Lauren Harrison and Jaxon Simmons at the British Championships in June.

The Derventio meet offered finals for youth and senior age groups with the younger swimmers competing in heats with no finals.


COPS finalists and age group winners on Day 1


Jade Goode - 1st 12yrs 800m freestyle

Jade Goode - 1st 12yrs 100m butterfly

Maddie Saunders - 1st 13/14yrs 100m backstroke

Jamie Scholes - 1st 14/15 yrs 200m backstroke

Jamie Scholes - 1st 14/15 yrs 50m backstroke

Poppy Richardson - 1st 13/14yrs 100m butterfly

Eve Burks - 1st 13/14yrs 50m breaststroke

Eve Burks - 1st 13/14yrs 200m individual medley

Lauren Harrison - 1st 13/14 yrs 200m breaststroke


Katie Brown - 100m butterfly 5th, 200m freestyle 3rd, 200 individual 7th

James Newton - 200m backstroke 3rd, 100m breaststroke 7th

Michael Lardner - 200m backstroke 9th

Leah Roughan - 200m individual medley 6th, 200m breaststroke 2nd, 50m breaststroke 3rd

Hanna Jaszkiewicz - 200m individual medley 9th

Josh Graves - 200m butterfly 8th

Bethany Saunders - 100m backstroke 3rd

Mollie Allen - 100m backstroke 10th, 50m freestyle 3rd

Matthew Brigham - 50m backstroke 7th

COPS finalists and age group winners on Day 2


Maddie Saunders - 1st 13/14 yrs 200m backstroke

Poppy Richardson - 1st 13/14 years 200m butterfly

Jamie Scholes - 1st 14/15 years 100m backstroke

Dan Leigh - 1st 14/15yrs 100m backstroke

Katie Brown - 1st 14/15yrs 200m butterfly


Dan Leigh - 100m butterfly 7th

Rachel Wellings - 200m backstroke 8th

Leah Roughan - 200m backstroke 3rd

Cameron McRae - 200m individual medley 5th

Matthew Brigham - 200m individual medley 5th, 100m backstroke 9th

Bethany Saunders - 100m freestyle 5th

Mollie Allen - 100m freestyle 9th, 50m backstroke 3rd, 50m butterfly 9th

Michael Lardner - 100m backstroke 9th

Tom Wiggins - 50m breaststroke 5th

COPS head coach Ben Negus said: “It was an excellent meet for us and ideal preparation for the national competition window coming up.

“I believe our swimmers learned an awful lot about their current progression by competing against some of the UK’s best swimmers so early in the season.

“We were up against lots of international medallists and that inspired our swimmers to find areas of improvement.

“And of course I am over the moon for the three swimmers who qualified for the British Championships.

“It will be an exciting prospect for all 11 of them to race against the very best swimmers that Great Britain has to offer in the 2012 Olympic pool.”