FENLAND LEAGUE: COPs on top in Whittlesey

COPs A squad that competed at Whittlesey.
COPs A squad that competed at Whittlesey.
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City of Peterborough Swimming Club (COPs) returned to the top of the Fenland League after a resounding win at the Manor Centre in Whittlesey (July 9).

COPs A team are attempting to win the title for a record-breaking 10th time since 2006 and with one round to go they hold a narrow one-point lead over local rivals Wisbech.

The COPs B squad that competed

The COPs B squad that competed

In 45 events Cops A finished first in 22, second in 17 and third in three.

Event winners for COPs A on the night were: Calleigh Coull (9) 50m breastroke; Lucie Creedon (10), 50m back; Cameron Fisher (13) 50m back, 100m individual medley; Sophie Galjaard (13) 100m individual medley; Alex Harlow (9) 50m breastroke; Hannah Jakeman (12) - 100m individual medley;Mia Karagholi (9) 25m fly 12/U 50m breastroke; Joshua Martin (10) – 12/U 100m individual medley, 11/U 50m fly; Amy Paget (10) 11/U 50m breastroke; James Peacock (10) 50m back, fly and free; StanScarborough (10) 50m breastroke; Joshua Smith (11) 12/U 50mback; Madeline Todd (11) 13/U 50m fly; Mia Turvey (10) 50m free; Jack Underwood (9) 50m free and Connor Walker (12) 13/U 50m breastroke.

Also competing for Cops A were Lily Borgognoni (12), Isabelle Cameron (9), Hannah Gregory (11), Erivan Hamid (11), Kate McLoughlin (13), Jessica Mahoney (11), Ella Normington (10), Joshua Spencer (11), Jack Underwood (9) and George Whiteman (11)

Meanwhile COPs B team were competing at Deepings and a herculean effort saw them take maximum league points.

The final result was COPs B 149 points, Thetford 138, Deepings 136, March 129 and Bottisham 104 points. That result moves COPs B up to seventh place points behind Chatteris and Deepings, and with both COPs teams meeting those teams in the next round Cops B have a mathematical chance of joining their A team compatriots in the final in October.

In their 45 events COPs B won 11 and were placed second in 12 and third in seven events.

The event winners for COPs B were Briony Burmby (12) – 50m back and fly; Laura Fehrenbach (11) –50m free, 100m individual medley; Panche Gurev-Markovachev (10) – 50m back; Safford Hewitt-White (10) – 50m free and fly; Ella McGhie (12) – 13/U 50m breastroke; Bert Papworth (11) – 13/Ufree, 100m individual medley and Louis Roberts (9) – 50m breastroke.

Also swimming for Cops B at this event were Thomas Bromley (13), Eleanor Byrne (11), Lewis Flower (12), Esme Fowler (10), Isla Fulluck (9), Keiran Griffin (10), Ruby Hunnybun (11), Isabel Ilett (11), Mark Krolik (9), Matthew McLoughlin (9) and Oskar Rajski (12).

A team assistant coach Kayleigh Elder said: “The team performance was great. The team spirit and some fast finishes won the event.”