Swanny’s World of Sport - Ordinary players want big money

Jordan Henderson.
Jordan Henderson.
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Jordan Henderson, an ordinary midfielder, is apparently holding out for £100k a week imn wages from Liverpool.

And there in one sentence you have proof of the sheer absurdity of the Premier League. If someone who rarely thrills or excites expects that much money no wonder Raheem Sterling wants to extract £150k a week from the same club.

Footballers have no common sense. They also live in cloud cuckoo land and they, and just as likely their agents, are a little bit thick.

Just why Sterling and Henderson allow their demands to be made public just as Liverpool’s season comes to a predictably undignified and unsuccessful end is beyond me.

Making big money plays just as the on-the-field stuff declines makes little sense and may well alienate a fanbase that must already be in despair at a clueless manager who makes clueless signings.

To me Henderson looks like a player whose standing has gone to his head.

He’s trying to play like Steven Gerrard and Paul Scholes, but he has nowhere near their amount of ability. He also fancies himself as the club enforcer, but opponents have no fear of him physically.

Did you see Henderson posturing before he took a penalty at Arsenal last weekend? He posed like Ronaldo (he appears to be trying to develop his physique) hands on hips before squeezing the ball past a goalkeeper who really should have saved it.

Remarkably, or maybe it’s just confirmation of their dim-wittery, the Professional Footballers Association have hinted that Henderson might be on their shortlist for their player-of-the-year award.

He won’t win it of course unless half of the players who vote are Liverpool fans.

An Englishman should win it though which might seem a strange thing to say when the rest of the opposition includes Sergio Aguerro, Alexis Sanchez, Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and David De Gea, all giants of the Premier League, particularly compared to Henderson.

But Harry Kane has the disadvantage of playing for a Spurs side who usually play tedious slow-paced football .

Given that Kane’s attacking support this season has come from Soldado, who is useless, Adebayor, who is even worse, and Andros Townsend, who is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is, it’s a great effort for Kane to be joint top scorer in the Premier League with Chelsea’s Costa as the latter has the genius of Hazard and Cesc Fabregas to help him.

But if the award is based on the number of points a player has won for his team then De Gea should win it.

Louis Van Gaal appears to have sorted Manchester United out at last, but without goalkeeper De Gea’s brilliance they’d be scuffling about in mid-table now alongside Stoke City.

Sanchez and Hazard would be decent winners as well. Sanchez has been stunning all season and Hazard doesn’t dive as much as the other Chelsea players.