Swanny’s World of Sport - On yer bike, but off the pavement

Chris Froome.
Chris Froome.
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I can’t stand the Tour de France and not just because the behaviour of cyclists in my experience is maddening.

Rarely on my walk home down Thorpe Road do I avoid having to take evasive action from a lycra-clad two-wheel menace who believes he/she has the right of way on a pavement.

Get on the road where you belong. It’s why you wear a helmet and bright yellow bibs after all.

Anyway Le Tour is just like athletics. How can you watch amazing feats and not suspect those involved are up to their eyeballs in drugs?

Le Tour is also like Formula One. Unless the competitors are sliding around and crashing there’s very little to get excited about.

I hope Chris Froome wins it again, but wake me up when it’s all over.