Swanny’s World of Sport - Champions to cannon-fodder

Jose Mourinho has provided so much early-season fun.
Jose Mourinho has provided so much early-season fun.
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I can’t remember a more boring start to a Premier League season. And not just in West Brom matches, the club who now have the misfortune to be managed by Tony Pulis, a man for whom ‘entertainment’ is a dirty word.

At this stage last season it was obvious Chelsea would win the league and even before we reach October it’s clear that we are in for another one-horse race.

My observations so far..

1) Thank you Jose Mourinho for supplying such great early-season fun. Your hopeless handling of a sexist comment was a joy to behold. Your ability to turn the champions into cannon-fodder in just six games has been hilarious.

Signing Radamel Falcao when Manchester United had proved he was past it smacks of arrogance or stupidity. Failing to spot the rapid decline of John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic suggests the manager is also perhaps past his best.

2) Manchester City will win the title by 15 points. That’s what having the most money will do for you. Paying over £50 million for Kevin De Bruyne and almost that sum for a wastrel like Raheem Sterling is obscene.

3) I’m not sure the acclaim which greeted Bournemouth’s rise to the Premier League was fully merited. They are after all bankrolled by one of the richest men in the world, a man with even more money than Harry Redknapp.

But they try and play attractive football as do Norwich City so I hope they both stay up and teams that pollute the Premier League with negative, unwatchable tripe like Sunderland and any team managed by Pulis go down. They wouldn’t be missed.

4) Has Brendan Rodgers been sacked yet? What on earth are the Liverpool owners waiting for? I told everyone years ago that he would be exposed as a nonsense-spouting no-mark once Luis Suarez left his club.

Rodgers is now being assisted on the coaching field by Sean O’Driscoll (a failure at Bristol City) and Gary McAllister (a failure everywhere). I reckon Anfield has been infiltrated by Manchester United supporters because that combination is a bigger recipe for disaster than Jeremy Corbyn and the leadership of the Labour Party.

5) Manchester United are lucky that Liverpool and Chelsea are now so terrible or the spotlight would be firmly on them and their eccentric manager Luis Van Gaal.

United must be desperate for Anthony Martial to be an immediate success or they will get hammered for their lack of swagger and style. Sadly for them there is nothing in Martial’s record in dismal French league football to suggest he will suddenly turn into Cristiano Ronaldo.

6) Arsenal will flatter to deceive as usual, but they could finish second this season. They could challenge for first if they had any ambition and a less-stubborn manager.

7) Tim Sherwood remains the most over-rated manager in the Premier League. He also works for a club that looks happy just to avoid relegation.