Swanny’s World of Sport - Carrick is just bang average

Michael Carrick.
Michael Carrick.
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Michael Carrick delivers one half-decent display for England in a meaningless friendly and suddenly he’s our answer to Andrea Pirlo.

The hype industry is alive and well in this country. Carrick is a reasonable Premier League footballer. No more no less. His speciality is the five-yard square pass and I could perform that job against the likes of Leicester City.

Consistent excellence is what sets the true superstars of the game like Ronaldo, Messi and Pirlo apart from journeymen like Carrick.

Sadly these players believe their own publicity which is why Andros Townsend can claim to have silenced his critics after scoring a goal for England before returning to the Spurs subs bench. You didn’t mate. You’re still useless.