Swanny’s World of Sport - Burgess should have stayed and fought

Luther Burrell.
Luther Burrell.
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If I was Luther Burrell I’d be pretty angry right now.

Not only did he lose his place in England’s rugby union World Cup squad to an out-of-his depth rookie in Sam Burgess, but his replacement has already done a runner from the sport and returned to rugby league.

Burgess has been given a free pass by the mainstream media who have preferred to blame the clueless coaching and management staff currently running the England side for the ludicrous, and very costly, inclusion of Burgess.

They have a point, but if Burgess had any professional pride he would have knuckled down and proved that he was worth all the hassle, all the fast-tracking and the monster transfer fee by retaining his place in the England rugby union set-up on merit rather than hype.