Swanny’s World of Sport - Asses are in charge of the laws

FA Chairman Greg Dyke.
FA Chairman Greg Dyke.
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Presumably you don’t have to be an idiot with no feel for sport to become a law-maker, an administrator or a high-ranking off-field official, but it obviously helps.

Is there a major sport anywhere run by figures who treat common sense, decency and fair-play as priorities? I can’t think of one.

Football, the greatest sport of them all, has been run by liars and thieves for decades. People who make bonkers decisions like taking a World Cup to a desert with temperatures of 50 degrees and no football tradition, and who ruin the best international tournament of them all by increasing the participants at the Euros Finals to such a number that no-hopers like Wales managed to qualify.

Michel Platini was responsible for the last one which is reason enough not to let him succeed Sepp Blatter as FIFA President. The dodgy million-pound verbal contracted payment just before an election just confirmed how unsuitable the Frenchman is.

For some reason our own FA rushed to back Platini’s campaign before the latest scandal which has made them look rather stupid, a not unusual position for bumbling chairman Greg Dyke but I expected better of our UEFA executive David Gill.

Cricket, the second greatest sport of them all, also let itself down badly last weekend.

After four days of play that were more tedious than Piers Morgan’s Twitter timeline, an exciting finish emerged in Abu Dhabi as England threatened to secure a shock Test victory against Pakistan.

But with 25 runs needed to win, the game was halted for good. For bad light at a ground with working floodlights.

All within the laws of course, but then those responsible for the laws are complete asses.

Chief executive of world cricket David Richardson neatly passed the blame onto Test captains who apparently felt playing all of the allotted time would lead to ‘unjust finishes’ which quite frankly is ludicrous. These scared skippers should be told to put the paying spectators first, if there are any in the first place.

And rugby union is the sport that keeps providing lazy columnists with easy copy.

The clowns who created the mess with match officials in the crowd need sacking as does the person responsible for throwing useless referee Craig Joubert to the lions by publicly confirming that he made the biggest blunder of the sporting season so far.

That’s for us commentators to say. Joubert should be supported by bosses who instead made a blatant attempt to curry public favour at his expense.

As for England the review into a pathetic World Cup performance will be chaired by the man who handed hopeless coach Stuart Lancaster his ridiculous six-year contract.

RFU chief executive Ian Ritchie should be on his bike alongside Lancaster, not making recommendations for the future.

Why would we ever trust his judgement again?