Stirman takes over as the new league president

Gordon Stirman (City of Peterborough) is the new president of the Peterborough League.

Thursday, 20th December 2018, 7:16 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 10:21 am
New Peterborough League president Gordon Stirman (left) received the chain of office from outgoing president Dick Gill.

He received the chain of office from outgoing president Dick Gill (Longthorpe) at the League’s annual meeting held at the Peterborough & District club.

Retiring secretary Martin Garfield was awarded a life membership after serving for 11 years on the management committee as secretary and treasurer, and in one year he held both posts.

Chairman Melvyn Beck paid tribute to his long service, dedication and commitment to the League and said that he always had the best interests of the League at heart.

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Andy Cox will now combine the roles of both treasurer and secretary, having earlier reported a surplus for the financial year of £642.42.

Melvyn Beck was re-elected chairman, Tony Coe the fixture secretary, with Keith Brown, Terry Grimshaw and Martin Tibbles his assistants, while Bruce Saint, along with Martin and Brenda Tibbles, continue as members of the management committee.

Two motions calling for teams with selection problems to be allowed to use players registered with other teams in the club from the same division or below were defeated, as was a move to change the points system from the current ten (two points for each winning rink and four for an overall victory) to eight (two for each winning rink and two for an overall victory) so that teams who won on two rinks but lost overall would at least share the points.

Clubs will still be able to rearrange fixtures without penalty after the handbooks have been published as a management committee proposal to introduce a five-point deduction that would only be invoked after a second offence was rejected.

There will be two extra teams in the Peterborough League’s Midweek section next season with Bourne Town and a revived Deeping C featuring in the fourth division.

Deeping have also added a second team in the Weekend League, although numbers remain the same with Westward Lions having withdrawn.

How the leagues will line-up:


Premier Division: Parkway A, Westward Tigers, Whittlesey Manor A, Peterborough & District, Langtoft Pearl A, CoP Molins A, Parkway C, Whittlesey Manor B, Crowland Jackdaws, Yaxley Falcons.

Division One: Yaxley Kites, Deeping A, Market Deeping Knights, Longthorpe Romans, Wittering, CoP City, Westward Lions, Blackstones, Westward Panthers.

Division Two: Conservative Owls, Conservative Kestrals, Whittlesey Town, East Community Wolves, Longthorpe Saxons, Park Crescent Bowlers, Baker Perkins, Conservative Ospreys, Thomas Cook.

Division Three: CoP Molins B, Westward Foxes, Crowland Magpies, Werrington, Langtoft Pearl B, Parkway B, Market Deeping Kings, Deeping B, Whittlesey Manor C.

Division Four: East Community Bears, CoP D, Bretton Beagles, Itter Park, Yaxley Eagles, Crowland Ravens, Bourne Town, Deeping C.


Premier Division: Westward Tigers, Ketton Welland, Peterborough & District, Blackstones, Yaxley Spitfires, CoP City, Longthorpe Manor, Westward Lions, Whittlesey Manor.

Division One: Longthorpe Tower, Deeping A, Ketton Chater, Crowland Jays, Longthorpe Woods, Conservative Blue, Langtoft Pearl Blue, Whittlesey Town Foxes, CoP Molins.

Division Two: Yaxley Hurricanes, Westward Panthers, Whittlesey Town, Langtoft Pearl Red, Barnack, Ryhall Robins, Market Deeping Wade, Parkway, Conservative Grey.

Division Three: Itter Park, Baker Perkins, Deeping B, East Community Bears, Werrington Mill, Werrington Fox, Stamford Town, Bourne Town.

Division Four: Thomas Cook, East Community Wolves, Bretton Beagles, Deeping C, Crowland Rooks, Market Deeping Douglas, CoP C.


Premier Division: Blackstones, Westward Tigers, Peterborough & District, Yaxley Sharks, CoP City, Westward Panthers, Yaxley Seals, CoP Molins.

Division One: Conservative, Ketton Hanson, Whittlesey Manor, Stamford Town, Deeping A, Whittlesey Town, Park Crescent Bowlers, Baker Perkins.

Division Two: Langtoft Pearl, East Community Bears, Bretton Beagles, Whittlesey Town Bears, East Community Wolves, Westward Rhinos, Werrington, Deeping B.

n The Peterborough & District senior men’s team had a comfortable 112-38 victory away to City of Ely B in the Cambs League, with victories for the rinks of Dick Noble, Mick Linnell and Rod Maplethorpe, while Ray Keating’s rink drew.

In the same league, Whittlesey failed to register a point at home to City of Ely A in a 78-40 defeat.