Speedway - Blackbird in a race against time

Lewis Blackbird in action.
Lewis Blackbird in action.
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Lewis Blackbird is confident he can win a race against time to be fit for Panthers’ next meeting.

Blackbird is nursing two broken fingers after crashing out of the club’s Premier League KO Cup first round, first leg success over Plymouth on Bank Holiday Monday (May 25).

He is also still being troubled by back pain after the nasty fourth-bend spill which he believes was caused by a collapsed front wheel on his bike.

But he is determined to be back in action when Panthers entertain Ipswich in an East Anglian derby in eight days’ time (June 12).

Blackbird, who was briefly knocked out by the smash, said: “The fingers are not really bothering me – it is more that I’m still getting a fair bit of pain in my back.

“It seems to wake me up about 3.30am every morning and I have to get in the bath to make it feel better.

“I don’t remember too much of the crash after being knocked out and I’m waiting to be given a video of it to see what actually happened.

“I knew straight away I had broken my fingers because they were facing the wrong way, but I was convinced I had broken my jaw as well.

“I looked like Elephant Man and the crash had smashed the front of my helmet so it was good to hear my jaw was okay.

“There was a fair bit of concern about my back as well, but luckily there is nothing broken and I think I probably got off quite lightly.

“It hasn’t worked out too badly as I’ve only ended up missing one meeting for Panthers and a couple in the Elite League for Wolverhampton.

“Being back next Friday against Ipswich in my target.”

Panthers also face a trip to Newcastle on Sunday, June 14 before Blackbird lines up in the British Final at Wolverhampton on Monday, June 15.